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Glass webinars

A collection of glass topics delivered by the experts at Glass Technology Services. These sessions will give attendees the opportunity to learn more about glass as a material, how it is made, its uses and how it behaves.

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Experts in Glass

Providing expert analysis, physical testing, assessment, research, development, training and consultancy throughout the glass supply chain.

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Pharmaceutical services

Leading experts in glass delamination, pharmacopoeial verification, defect evaluation, failure analysis and technical support.

Analysis of pharmaceutical glassware

Failure Analysis

Leading experts in glass failure analysis - providing expert investigation, auditing and real solutions to the world’s best known brands.

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Analytical Support

Our analytical laboratories specialise in glass - providing a comprehensive range of analytical support to the glass industry and wider supply chain.

Analytical Services

Welcome to Glass Technology Services

Glass Technology Services Ltd is a leading provider of analysis, mechanical and performance testing, due diligence support and quality assessment, failure analysis and both research and development and technical consultancy projects - specialising in glass and glass products.

Located in the United Kingdom, Glass Technology Services Ltd provides international support to an extensive list of leading names across glass, pharmaceuticals, foods, drinks, commodities, facilities and retail sectors.

Glass Technology Services is independently accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 9001 quality standards and has an established reputation for specialist knowledge in glass - built serving the glass industry and its supply chain for over 100 years.

Architecture and glazing

Architecture and glazing

Consultancy, failure analysis, physical testing, quality assessment and advice on the application of the full ...

Glass for brand owners, food and drink

Glass for brand owners, food and drink

Design, quality and regulatory compliance are essential in order to create desirable consumer products and ...

Glass manufacturing service

Glass manufacturing service

From raw materials to finished product, our experts in glass provide analysis, testing, verification, troubleshooting ...

Pharmaceutical glass services

Pharmaceutical glass services

Glass Technology Services is a leading provider of analysis, performance testing, quality assessment, verification, failure ...

Photonic glass

Photonic glass

The photonics industry is a diverse and exciting area of development, with glass substrates, fibres ...

Retail glass analysis

Retail glass analysis

Our team provide a range of solutions for the full range of glassware used across ...

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