Inclusions in glass manufacturer's product

A leading glass manufacturer was experiencing issues with inclusions in their glass and engaged us to troubleshoot the issue.


How did we help?

Within an hour of receipt, composition analysis of the inclusions identified a high amount of rare earth elements alongside Alumina. This rare composition was traced to a very specific product, whose composition matched the inclusions perfectly. The client was informed that cullet contamination was identified as the most likely source.

Benefit to the client

The manufacturer immediately quarantined their cullet and were able to resume glass production. Acting on this information an inspection of their cullet store was carried out. The cullet store was located on the perimeter of their site and was being contaminated with waste product from a neighbouring company who assumed it was a waste pile. The manufacturer was able to secure their cullet store, quarantine the contaminated cullet and prevent recurrence of the issue.

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