Abby has over 5 years' experience as a Glass Technologist and works on trace elemental analysis by ICP-OES and pharmacopeia verification of glass packaging. Abby has been heavily involved in a number of comprehensive delamination studies for clients to determine the most suitable glass packaging for their drug products and providing the likelihood of delamination occurring before they reach the market.  

Abby studied MSci Forensic and Analytical Science at The University of Huddersfield. During her studies Abby worked at Glass Technology Services for a year in industry as part of her MSci degree developing her analytical skills in the workplace.

Within the Chemistry department Abby performs a range of analytical and wet chemistry techniques including ICP-OES analysis, Scanning Electron Microscopy and EDS analysis, quadrupole mass spectrometer for gas bubble analysis as well as ensuring glass packaging and raw materials for glass manufacturing are within specification. 

Abby has also developed her skills in failure analysis alongside the product performance team to determine the root causes of glass breakages using advanced analytical techniques.

Writings by Abby Mills:

Women in science day – meet some of our female scientists
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Women in science day – meet some of our female scientists

To celebrate the international day of women and girls in Science, we spoke to some of our very own women in science, Abby Mills and Claire Moir.

Abby Mills

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