Adam has over 10 years' experience working for Glass Technology Services as a glass technologist, working mainly with the characterisation of glass compositions and materials by X- Ray Fluorescence wavelength dispersive analytical technique. He has been involved with developing measurement programs such as new methods for type 1 glasses for the USP. This included a measurement to fit varying glass types used in pharmacopeia such as, Boro-silicates, alumina-silicates, fused silica and soda lime silica.  

Adam has a BA (Honours) degree in Natural Science and his final year project involved working with Martyn Marshall on using dissolvable glasses as propants. He studied different glass formulations and measured how the properties of the glass changed in different conditions.

Working within the glass properties team, Adam carries out advanced analytical techniques used to determine the properties and characterisation of glass with modern physical chemistry methods. Methods such as UV-Vis Spectroscopy for glass colour analysis, thermal expansion coefficient by dilatometer, Scanning electron microscopy and EDS, quadrupole mass spectrometer for gas bubble analysis, glass liquidous, refractive index, and glass density. Adam is trained in glass defect analysis, diagnosing glass inclusions, bubbles and cord which occur in glass production. Adam is also trained in fracture analysis helping the product performance team to determine the route causes of glass breakages using advanced analytical techniques. This work usually arises when there is a customer complaint or a problem during manufacturing and production.

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