Claire has worked at Glass Technology Services since 2016 and is responsible for delivering services to help determine the suitability of glass, ensure products meet industry deadlines, and ultimately prevent product recalls.

With a speciality in pharmaceutical and cosmetics glass, Claire carries out an extensive range of testing with specialist interpretations. She also carries out fracture and failure analysis on broken glass to determine the root cause of failure and identify critical defects. 

Claire studied for a BENG in Materials Engineering at Loughborough University and worked on her dissertation under Dr. Helen Wilcock. During her studies, Claire focused on the synthesis and architecture or stimuli-responsive polymer particles for biomedical and oil industry applications. This allowed Claire to further develop her materials knowledge and chemistry experience, preparing her for Glass Technology Services.  

Writings by Claire Coles:

Exploring the future of pharma glass packaging event
News Article

Exploring the future of pharma glass packaging event

Glass Technology Services to host forum on the latest advancements, regulatory updates, and innovative solutions shaping the pharmaceutical glass packaging industry.

Claire Coles

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