Graham gained his degree from Sheffield Hallam University in 2014, with a BEng (Hons) in Forensic Engineering. Graham started his journey with Glass Technology Services whilst studying at Sheffield Hallam University, working in partnership with the company on his dissertation, The Science Behind Gorilla Glass. This led to Graham transitioning to the company after completing his degree, working initially within the Research and Development and Product Performance teams.  

Graham now leads the Product Performance team and specialises in the fracture analysis of glass articles from a range of sectors, utilising both optical and scanning electron microscope techniques to identify and interpret fracture markings. He leads by example and is heavily involved in internal training of our team members. 

As with the rest of Glass Technology Services, Graham helps the team work to ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 17025 quality standards, accredited by UKAS, providing services to a wide range of sectors within the glass industry. In addition to fracture analysis, the team carries out quality assessment testing designed to check the fitness for purpose of glass products. This includes assessment of residual stress, mechanical testing and dimensional analysis. Graham also coordinates full suites of testing for containers (TEC-7 and TEC-9) alongside bespoke testing to specific customer requirements.    

Writings by Graham Morris:

News Article

Helping clients meet increasing challenging product specifications

Increasingly tight dimensional tolerances, dosage control and line rejection targets have led to a surge in demand for dimensional verification of glass packaging and components by leading experts in glass, Glass Technology Services.

Graham Morris

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