Marlin began her experience in the container in food industry (including raw materials, formulation and properties) working for Owens Illinois – Venezuela and Feldespatos Procesados (Feldspars Mine). 

During her PhD studies at the University of Madrid, she focused on the formulation of bioactive glasses and the use of glass-ceramic processing science in biomaterials. The work was focused on the devitrification and crystallisation study of CaSiO3 and Ca3(PO4)2 glasses as a preliminary stage to obtaining these biomaterial in large pieces and complex shapes with controlled microstructures. This was the first step to develop CaSiO3-Ca3(PO4)2 implants with better bioactivity and improved mechanical properties. 

Marlin worked with three research institutions during her PhD which were located in different countries: Spanish National Research Council (ICV-CSIC), Queen Mary University of London, and the Institute of Biomedical Engineering in Portugal. This range of experience has given Marlin a strong background in the field of biomaterials design, and chemical, structural, mechanical, and in vitro characterisation of Biomaterials (including stem cell culture studies). 

During her postdoctoral experience, she worked in composite (glass/glass-ceramic and polymer) biomaterial at the National Institute for Applied Sciences of Lyon (INSA-Lyon), France. She designed glass-ceramics and studied the interaction between glass-ceramic articles and polymer matrices. She has worked also as Scientific and Technical consultant for aerospace industry, working in the characterisation of different materials for space applications, including composite: fiberglass / epoxy at INVAP S.E. (Argentine). 

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