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Glass Property Measurement

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Make an enquiry

Glass Technology Services Ltd (GTS) expert team of glass technologists, chemists and analysts specialise in the determination of a whole range of glass properties - including thermal, optical and electrical characteristics.

These services are often used in conjunction with our technical consultancy, research and development or composition development services to optimise production, troubleshoot issues, or for the development of new, novel or exotic glass types.

Services include: thermal and melting property measurement and kinetics - including liquidus temperature, littleton softening point, annealing point, strain point, thermal expansion, electrical properties and high temperature viscosity measurement; optical and thermal properties - including colour, transmission, absorbance and refractive index.

Please also see our physical and mechanical testing and chemical analysis services.

Details on the range of glass property measurement services are included below and please contact us to discuss your requirements or to develop and proposal to meet your requirements.

Liquidus Temperature

Determination of the liquidus temperature (TL or Tliq) for a glass composition or sample - above this temperature the melt should be homogenous, with no crystallisation.

Colour Measurement (CIELAB)

Highly accurate analysis of glass colour by coordinates, enabling limits and tolerances to be set for product colour for product branding or performance. This analysis also enables…

Refractive Index

Highly accurate measurement of refractive index of glass for property specification or to determine similarities and differences between glass compositions.

Temperature Viscosity

Determination of the temperature-viscosity relationship of glass, which is essential for determine correct melting and heat treatment regimes in glass manufacture and processing. T…

Differential Thermal Analysis

Detection of the release and absorption of heat, which is associated with chemical and physical changes in materials as they are heated or cooled. Such information is essential for…

Dilatometry, Thermal Expansion

Dilatometry is a thermo-analytical method for measuring the shrinkage or expansion of materials over a controlled temperature regime. Our dilatometer has the capability to accurate…

Electrical Properties

Determination of the electrical properties of glasses and related materials - essential for electric-melting, with electric-booster systems or in elevated temperature applications…

Littleton Softening Point

Measurement of littleton softening point for glass compositions using ASTM C338 standard for fibre elongation.


Determination of glass density through archimedes displacement and relative density fluid methods.

Composition Analysis

A range of compositional analyses are available for a range of materials, glass samples, defects, inclusions, refractories, dusts and other materials.

Transmission and Absorbance

Analysis of the tranmission and absorbance profile of a glass sample to determine UV/light protection, solar and thermal properties.

Defects and Contamination

Analysis of solid, gaseous, contamination, forming and other defects, including stone, cord, bubbles, blisters, foreign materials, bloom and delamination.

Physical and Mechanical

Physical and mechanical testing for impact, thermal shock, internal pressure, vertical load, microwave, dishwasher and other requirements.

Thermal and Solar

Where glazing is to be used in applications where energy conservation is important, the thermal transmittance (U-value), light transmission (%), light reflectance and solar factor …

Refractory Corrosion and Stabi…

Refractory corrosion, stability and bubble and seed release testing to determine the reliability and compatibility of refractories for different glass requirements.

Pilot Trials and Melting

Scalable production facilities to assess new compositions, changes in raw materials or glass refining, or as part of a development project to develop a new glass or optimise existi…

Composition Development

Specialist knowledge in glass composition and its resulting optical, thermal and physical properties allow the development of specialist glasses for novel applications, product dev…

Research, Innovation, Developm…

We are a key partner in a number of international consortium projects including the development of bio-compatible and bio-soluble glasses, glass coatings for various medical applic…

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