Glass weight calculator

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Glass weight estimator tool

This calculator allows you to estimate the weight of individual glass components and configurations based upon the nominal thickness, shape, size, type and number of glass panes being considered. Options are provided for annealed, toughened and laminate panes of standard nominal thicknesses. The weight of any laminate interlayer is not considered in this estimation tool as its weight would be insignificant when compared to the weight of the glass itself.

Select your glass configuration options below to estimate the weight of the final glass:

Select glass configuration:

Select glass type and thickness:

Pane 1:

Select glass shape:

Square Dimensions (in mm)

Glass Type must be selected Nominal Thickness must be selected


Disclaimer: this tool is provided for estimation only, the results of which are not accredited. We have provided this calculator as a useful reference tool in order to help those in the glass supply-chain to estimate useful specifications to be considered when specifying glass.

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