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Martyn Marshall

Martyn Marshall

Hot Glass Technology Lead

Martyn is responsible for delivering the technical focus in several major European / TSB projects working within the area of bio materials, including formulating specialist glasses for trabecular coatings, glass fibres in silicate free formulations for weaving into resorbable wound healing fabrics and new glasses for bio applications to promote cytoblastic and cytoclaustic reactions in-vivo.

Recently, Martyn has also started working looking at 3D printing for additive manufacture in the biomimetics field as well as new work to reformulate and improve glass used for the filtration of water sources.

Our strong sense of innovation also includes other project work on going into phosphate lasers for sensing, the use of glass to extend the life of oil fields and a new compact melting facilities that will revolutionise the way in which glass is manufactured.

But this does not mean I've lost my interest in the melting and refining of glass at GTS, where we work to design and develop glass for a myriad of uses.

This can be from straightforward glass raw materials selection through glass refining and glass colours to non-silicate systems. We're always improving the performance of glasses, from work which begins with a request to meet a client's needs, whether this is as simple as a specific density to glass designed for high temperature ion exchange kinetics or looking at the sulphate refining of glasses on an industrial scale.

Glass is a fantastic and fascinating material, something which even now continues to be ancient in nature but unlimited in its uses.

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