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Business as usual as BREXIT begins

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Friday 24 June 2016

As the UK public votes to leave the European Union, Glass Technology Services Ltd assures its customers and partners that it will continue to provide services and expertise they can depend on.

“We don’t foresee these events having any significant negative impact on our business,” said Daniel Capon, GTS Technical Manager. “Like most businesses in the UK, we may experience some minor disruption but we have mechanisms in place to deal with these.”

The EU withdrawal process will be a slow process and it is unlikely there will be any practical differences in the short term. But as changes do filter through to UK legislation, regulations, trade and government policy, GTS Ltd support will be invaluable to customers.

Malcolm Glendenning, Director of Innovation, said: “Through its innovation work and relationship with the British Glass trade association, GTS is connected to the research and political communities as well as all parts of the glass industry supply chain. That means we’re ideally placed to anticipate challenges or changes our customers are likely to face and provide and advise them appropriately.”


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