Glass Technology Services to attend Pharmapack 2022

Glass Technology Services will be attending Pharmapack 2022 in Paris on the 18-19 May.

This free-to-attend event brings together those who work across the sector to network and learn about the latest packaging trends and opportunities.

Glass as a packaging material is unrivalled in its durability and protective properties – making it the perfect medium for pharmaceutical drugs. However, drug manufacturers must adhere to strict legal requirements and specifications to ensure the safety of patients who use their products.

The experts at Glass Technology Services help manufacturers achieve peace of mind by providing independent and accredited testing and analysis. This enables companies to confirm product quality and resolve issues associated with glass manufacturing. From packaging selection and routine verification, through to product troubleshooting and factory line issues, Glass Technology Services can help you to work with glass more effectively.

Technical manager, Daniel Capon, and business development coordinator, Alyssa Maris from Glass Technology Services will be at Pharmapack and are looking forward to making new connections at the event. If you would like to arrange a meeting ahead of time, reach out to either one of them on LinkedIn or email

Glass Technology Services will also be promoting their library of free resources at Pharmapack which have been specifically created to help those in the pharmaceuticals sector who work with glass packaging. The types of resources available include webinar replays, written guides, and downloadable posters.

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Glass Technology Services is a leading specialist for glass analysis, verification, troubleshooting and consultancy support. Its laboratory is actively involved in a range of international technical committees covering key developments in glass delamination, durability and analytical methods. The laboratory is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 9001 quality standards and is registered with the US FDA under GDUFA for API/FDF testing.

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