Glass Technology Services to sponsor Furnace Solutions 14

Glass Technology Services are proud to sponsor the Furnace Solutions conference and training day, which begins on June 5.

Members of the Glass Technology Services team will attend the event, with Hot Glass Technology Lead Martyn Marshall delivering part of ‘The Batch – Guilty as Charged’ training day programme with a talk on raw materials, chemistry and batch reactions to attendees.

The rest of the training day will feature talks from representatives from across the glass manufacturing industry, including Guardian Glass and the Ardagh Group, before culminating with the Mellor Memorial Lecture – celebrating the life of ceramicist Joseph William Mellor.

Hosted by the Society of Glass Technology at Lucideon in Stoke-on-Trent, the training day is then followed by the Furnace Solutions conference on June 6 which boasts a number of presentations covering topics from electric melting to heat recovery technology.

The event concludes with the presentation of the 2019 Michael Garvey Award which is given to the author of the best paper submitted to the judging panel.

For more information on the event, visit the Furnace Solutions website.

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