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Wednesday 8 January 2003

Glass Technology Services (GTS) is continually evolving its skills and service base to be in tune with the demands of modern industry - and more particularly in the field of Environmental Monitoring Services.

To ensure that their customers can source a quality-assured service that has credibility with regulators, GTS is one of the few organisations in the field of environmental services currently accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to the ISO 17025 quality standard for its environmental monitoring services. 

Further, the environmental team has also achieved Source Testing Authority (STA) endorsement and regularly takes part in STA competency testing and training seminars to ensure that it keeps abreast of the latest developments - and is currently training to become MCERTS Level 2 qualified in time for the launch of this new quality standard.

Other services which help to generate the broad base of environmental testing GTS has worked hard to create for its clients include:

Environmental/Emissions Monitoring

- Stack sampling for gaseous, particulate, acidic and metallic emissions - In factory monitoring for dusts, organics, metals, organometals, acid gases and noise -  Site perimeter monitoring (ambient air and noise) -  Monitoring for substances listed in IPPC A1 and A2 guidance.

COSHH / Health and Safety Monitoring

- In factory noise monitoring (Class I Noise meter) - Personal samplers for exposure to dusts, organics, metals and orgaonometals. - COSHH / personal exposure and noise monitoring during furnace demolitions / repairs. - Measurement of Local Exhaust Ventilation

Further information can be obtained from:

Mark Pudner

Glass Technology Services
9 Churchill Way
Sheffield  S35 2PY
Tel: (0114) 290 1801
Fax: (0114)  290 1851
E-mail:  mark.pudner@glass-ts.com

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