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GTS proud to sponsor Furnace Solutions 13

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Friday 1 June 2018

GTS proud to sponsor Furnace Solutions 13Glass Technology Services Ltd (GTS) is proud to sponsor Furnace Solutions 13 to be held in Stoke on Trent on 7 June 2018.  Organised by the Society of Glass Technology’s Melting Technical Committee this event brings together key representatives from across the glass industry and its’ supply chain and includes a training day on “Furnace optimisation”.

Furnace Solutions is preceded with a training day on 6 June. This year the training day focuses on Furnace optimisation and includes speakers from DSF Refractories, AMETEK Land, Flammatec, Eurotherm Schneider, Guardian Glass, Ardagh Glass and Celsian Glass & Solar BV.

Furnace Solutions 13 will be held on 7 June featuring a host of experts from across the industry and is a great opportunity to network and keep up-to-date with developments in glass melting technologies. The event features presentations on NOx, Industry 4.0, electric boosting, refractory materials, improvements to oxyfuel furnaces, thermal imaging, the Sorg 340S+ forehearth and more.

Glass Technology Services Ltd is proud to support both events and look forward to catching up with clients and colleagues across the industry throughout the event.

For further details, please visit www.furnacesolutions.co.uk.

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