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Guide to new CE Marking legislation

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Monday 21 July 2014

Guide to new CE Marking legislation - Image Credit - pixeldreams.eu / shutterstockIn July 2013, the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) fully replaced the Construction Products Directive (CPD)  - making it compulsory for all glass construction products (including architectural and insulating glass units) and road marking materials (ballotini) manufactured or imported into the EEA, that are covered by a harmonised European Standard (hEN), to carry the CE mark.

Previously, manufacturers and processors were able to self-certify or simply opt-out, but now legal action could be taken against manufacturers, their agents and notified bodies if a product does not have the appropriate EC Declaration of Conformity for its intended use and carry the CE mark.

With many throughout the supply-chain still unaware of this new legislation, Glass Technology Services Ltd (GTS) - one of few providers in the sector to hold a Notified Testing Laboratory status - explains the importance of having appropriate declaration of conformity for its intended use and the CE Mark.

This simple introduction to the CPR changes is available online at:

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