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New XRF Drift Correction Glasses

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Monday 24 June 2002

Glass Technology Services (GTS), the independent technical arm of British Glass, offers a new Drift Correction Glass service to both manufacturers and users of X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) instrumentation.

XRF provides an accurate, non-destructive measure of the elemental composition of a sample as each chemical element has a characteristic set of energy levels that produce a unique x-ray signature.

Drift correction samples are widely used to correct the day-to-day drift of XRF instruments. Glass, owing to its very high stability and versatility, is particularly well suited for this high-precision task.

GTS, with many years of experience and a proven track record in the development and supply of customised glass compositions, is in a unique position to tailor glasses to suit the requirements of individual customers by supplying glasses from one-off bespoke samples to large regular orders.

XRF Drift Correction Glasses, developed and manufactured by GTS, range in composition from relatively simple (ie five to ten elements) to complex glasses doped with many elements. These are normally provided as discs, 5mm thick, 40mm diameter, with one face optically polished. However, the new service by GTS is very flexible as each customer can have custom-made dopant types and levels tailored to their needs.

All GTS glasses are processed to ensure homogeneity and reproducibility and, with its own UKAS-accredited XRF facility Glass Technology Services can furnish a Certificate of Analysis for each batch.

Notes to Editors:

1.   X-ray fluorescence technology is a simple and accurate analytical method for determining the chemical composition of many types of materials, including solid, liquid and powdered samples. It is extremely economical, non-destructive and reliable, requiring little sample preparation.

2. Glass Technology Services, is a subsidiary of British Glass which operates independently and offers technical services and consultancy serving customers who manufacture, work with, or use glass.

3. British Glass Manufacturers' Confederation represents the interests of all sectors of the glass industry in the UK. Its main activity is in representing the industry at European, national and local level on a wide range of topical legislative issues. It also conducts independent research into all aspects of glass production and technology.

Further information can be obtained from:

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