Popular glass training programme grows due to high demand

Popular glass training programme grows due to high demand

Leading specialists in glass, Glass Technology Services Ltd, have extended their training programme and introduced new courses for 2019 due to increasing requests from clients throughout the glass supply chain. The diary for 2019 includes new introductory courses tailored to pharmaceuticals, foods and brand owners as well as technical courses aimed at technologists within the glass industry and those working in technical quality assurance and specification roles across the supply-chain.

‘Glass appreciation – an introduction to glass’ - this popular one-day course introduces glass processes, products, properties and environmental considerations – enabling them to understand this fascinating material better and work with it more effectively. The accessible format and small group size makes this an ideal introduction for anyone working in glass or otherwise dealing with glass products or issues. Courses are scheduled for March and September 2019.

‘An introduction to glass packaging’ is a one-day introductory course tailored to those working in packaging roles across the food, drinks, retail and brand sectors. The course provides an introduction to the glass manufacturing process, recycling and the environment, quality control, glass specifications and performance, packaging design and decoration. Courses are scheduled for February and September 2019.

The ‘PharmaGlass’ workshop first launched in 2018 and was highly rated by delegates across the pharmaceuticals supply chain. This one-day workshop provides an introduction to glass as a primary pharmaceutical packaging – including how it is made and processed, tubular and moulded glassware, quality control and common defects and failures. Delegates will learn about key regulatory and quality assurance issues such as glass durability, delamination, ICH-Q3D elemental migration and pharmacopoeial verification. The workshops are scheduled for March and October 2019.

The three day ‘Glass failure analysis’ technical course includes an introduction to glass strength, understanding and interpreting fracture markings, recognising fracture patterns, identification of failure origins and an analytical approach to understanding the mode of failure, weakening features and primary and secondary causes of product failure. The course features extensive practical sessions, product reconstruction and analysis. Courses are scheduled for April and October 2019.

‘Fundamentals of Glass’ is a series of training sessions aimed at glass technologists and those working in glass batching, furnace control, forming and processing. These sessions cover fundamental glass chemistry and theory, including composition, glass durability, melting properties and colour, defects and inclusions and carrying out correct annealing. Courses are scheduled for May and November 2019.

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