Post-Brexit service update


Standards such as ISO and EN are outside the control of governments, therefore, the implementation of standards such ISO17025 will not be affected by not being a member of the EU.  Providing UKAS follow ISO auditing protocols, our ISO17025 will be internationally recognised. 

We also have the following assurance from our accreditation body who upheld our ISO17205 and ISO9001 accreditations.

“UKAS is a signatory of the EA Multilateral Agreement (EA MLA) which is a signed agreement between the EA Members whereby the signatories recognize and accept the equivalence of the accreditation systems operated by the signing members, and also the reliability of the conformity assessment results provided by CABs accredited by the signing members.

As signatory to the EA MLA the accreditation system operated by UKAS continues to be accepted by the other signatories as equivalent to their own accreditation system and declare, when requested, conformity assessment results (e.g. reports or certificates) issued by CABs accredited by UKAS for the relevant scope to the EA MLA, to the ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement (ILAC MRA) and to the IAF Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (IAF MLA) as reliable as those issued by CABs accredited by themselves.

Trading across the border

All samples will need to be sent as “samples for destructive testing purposes only” with the commercial value of £1.

It is important to note that while this will minimise the risk of delay via customs, it is not guaranteed, and some items still may be stopped – Glass Technology Services are in contact with couriers to ensure any delays are resolved as soon as possible.

Please ensure you download and complete the sample submission form before sending your samples.

If you would like to discuss Brexit in further detail, please contact our customer operations team – or call +44 (0) 114 290 1834.

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