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Successful Tender by GTS for the Position of Technical Advisers to Wrap for Glass Projects

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Friday 13 May 2005

Glass Technology Services Limited (GTS) has recently been awarded a contract to be one of WRAP's Technical Advisers to support WRAP's glass related activities.  The work will be on an ad hoc basis as required by WRAP.

Although GTS possesses the generic skills that would enable it to technically support WRAP in a variety of fields, it is restricting its involvement to its core glass expertise. As the UK's centre of excellence in glass, GTS is active both in research and development and technical troubleshooting relating to all types of glass, from fibre to flat, from container to scientific as well as all stages of glass production to product evaluation, from testing to recycling.

GTS will advise on mainly aspects of glass related areas, for example:

  • glass technology and properties of glass.
  • waste glass sorting technologies for separately collected commingled or single stream recyclable materials.
  • design of glass bulking and sorting facilities as well as their cost-effective and efficient operations.
  • glass sampling and quality assessment.
  • health & safety advice for the requirements for handling and storage of cullet.
  • implementation of specifications.

GTS has a proven track record of working with glass manufacturers to develop, test and evaluate new products and manufacturing techniques and will also advise on retail packaging design and production (primary, secondary and tertiary), including rapid prototyping and packaging systems relative to waste minimisation.

Notes to Editors:

1. Glass Technology Services Ltd (GTS) has been helping companies globally for over 50 years to design, manufacture and bring glass products to market as well as playing an active role in glass research and development. It is a subsidiary of British Glass but operates independently and offers technical, analytical and environmental services and consultancy serving customers who manufacture, work with, or use glass.

2. British Glass, both a trade federation and materials organisation, represents the interests of all the sectors of the UK glass industry. Its main activity is in representing the industry at European, national and local level on a wide range of topical legislative issues, as well as standards and specifications.

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