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Pharmaceutical Services

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Glass Technology Services Ltd (GTS) is a leading provider of analysis, mechanical and performance testing, quality assessment, failure analysis and a range of consultancy services - specialising in glass and glass products. GTS laboratories provide a range of specialist analytical, quality assessment, mechanical testing and technical consultancy services for companies operating throughout the pharmaceutical industry.

Key services include the provision of pharmacopoeial verififcation, delamination studies, the analysis of contamination, defects and lamellae, failure analysis, foreign body analysis and a range of consultancy support.

Failure Analysis

Determining the true cause of failure can help to eliminate future problems and resolve disputes, whether between manufacturer and supplier, or when the end user has experienced glass f…


Investigative analysis where delamination is suspected and delamination propensity pre-screening as detailed in the latest USP <1660>.


Pharmacopoeia testing for all Type I, II and III glass packaging (containers, bottles, vials, ampoules) and parenteral delivery vessels for use across the pharmaceutical and medical sec…


We provide expert analysis, testing and consultancy - conducted by our dedicated team of scientists who have expertise in glass manufacture, processing, material sciences, chemistry, ph…

Optical and Thermal Properties

Analysis of radiation properties, including optical and thermal emissivity, transmissivity, reflectivity and absorptivity.

Quality Assessment

The quality and performance of a product once in market is a reflection of the brand, and suppliers, identity - should that product not be fit-for-purpose, cause injury, or not perform …

Research, Innovation, Developm…

We are a key partner in a number of international consortium projects including the development of bio-compatible and bio-soluble glasses, glass coatings for various medical application…

Technical Consultancy

Our technical experts provide support throughout the glass supply chain - providing clients with market advantage, knowledge and technical input to improve their manufacture, processing…


In-house and hosted training courses to organisations throughout the glass-supply chain - whether it be for those working within glass production, those sourcing packaging for their own…

Physical and Mechanical

Physical and mechanical testing for impact, thermal shock, internal pressure, vertical load, microwave, dishwasher and other requirements.


MCERTs stack emissions monitoring, workplace monitoring and consultancy for climate change, energy, waste and environmental management systems, we have an established track record of en…

Glass Property Measurement

Determination of a wide range of glass properties, including thermo-physical, optical and melting properties.

Our involvement with the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors

Glass Technology Services Ltd (GTS) is active across the pharmaceutical and biomedical sectors - providing routine analytical and physical testing, troubleshooting, consultancy support and research and development.

Research and development includes specialist glasses, such as bioactive and biosoluble glasses, processing and new technologies such as additive manufacture and include application including implants, grafts, orthopaedics and more. Please see our innovation, research and development and case-study areas for further information about past and present projects.


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Case Studies & Projects

Quality Assessment - Retail

Quality Assessment - Retail

A high street name requested routine quality assessment of a new product line, as a case of due diligence. How did GTS help? During the quality assessment,...


Foreign Body Analysis - Cosmetics and Beauty

Foreign Body Analysis - Cosmetics and Beauty

A salon brand received a serious injury complaint from a consumer where it was reported that glass had been found within an anti-aging cream. Concerned...


Foreign Bodies found within Drinks Bottles

Foreign Bodies found within Drinks Bottles

A number of glass fragments had been reported to be present within two bottles; the brand owner had checked the densities of the fragments and bottles...


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