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Physical and Mechanical

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We provide a comprehensive range of mechanical and physical product performance testing and analysis for a whole range of glass products - including both domestic and trade drinking glasses, bottles, jars, flat glass, furniture, pharmaceuticals and specialist glassware. These tests determine suitability of the product against relevant international, national, industry or in-house standards and specifications and include tests for impact, thermal shock, internal pressure, vertical load, microwave, dishwasher and other requirements.

If you have any specific requirements not covered here, please contact us.

Pendulum Impact Testing

Pendulum impacting to determine the impact strength and breakage characteristics of a range of glass items. This test uses an industry standard, calibrated, AGR impacter and is UKA…

Thermal Shock Testing

Thermal shock testing involves the cyclic testing of a products from a hot temperature to cold temperature until failure in order to calculate the thermal shock endurance, or resis…

Coatings Assessment

Assessment of surface protection can be carried out by use of slip tables and AGR hot-end coating technology. The longevity of the coating performance can be assessed using our AGR…

Vertical Load Resistance

Vertical load compression testing to determine a products resistance to vertical load forces. This is especially important for products that will be subjected to palletisation or c…

Internal Pressure Strength

Internal pressure resistance testing for containers that are intended for carbonated drinks or are otherwise subjected to changes in pressure during their intended use. This mechan…

Capacity & Headspace

Capacity and headspace - also referred to as 'Vacuity' - assessment calculates the volume of liquid held by the container and the volume of space left at the top of the packaging.

Dishwasher-Safe Assessment

Testing to determine the suitability of a product and its decoration to determine any visual changes when subjected to cyclic washing.

Design Critique and FEA

Assessment and critique of a product design at early design, trial or production stage in order to advise on performance and strength. This service focuses on assessment of design …

Microwave-Safe Testing

Testing of glass products to determine whether they are considered microwave safe in accordance with BS EN 15284. Items intended for use in a microwave should be tested to determin…

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Quality Assessment - Retail

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