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Product Development

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GTS provide specialist glass knowledge for new product development and innovation in a range of sectors.Glass Technology Services are leaders in product and process development through a diverse range of industrial markets. Our reputation for knowledge and expertise in glass production, development and design has made us the preferred choice for many organisations.

Our advice helps businesses within many areas of glass manufacturing, including: process optimisation, efficiency improvement and training development. We also play a key role in the development of new products across the medical, opto-electronic, waste management and defence industries.

Pilot Trials and Melting

Scalable production facilities to assess new compositions, changes in raw materials or glass refining, or as part of a development project to develop a new glass or optimise existi…

Composition Development

Specialist knowledge in glass composition and its resulting optical, thermal and physical properties allow the development of specialist glasses for novel applications, product dev…

Glass Property Measurement

Determination of a wide range of glass properties, including thermo-physical, optical and melting properties.

Latest News

Case Studies & Projects

EnviroGlass - Decarbonisation and batch reformulation

EnviroGlass - Decarbonisation and batch refor...

The EnviroGlass project set out to investigate the challenges identified within the glass industry’s 2050 decarbonisation roadmap and identify cost-effective...


Cased-Glass - Thermal Expansion

Cased-Glass - Thermal Expansion

A customer producing articles manufactured from two different glasses fused together ('cased glass') discovered that, during production, many...


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