With over 1.5 million tonnes of glass still ending in landfill in the UK, even a small percentage reduction through the lightweighting of bottles and jars would bring about a significant reduction in the waste being sent to landill. 

Reducing the average container weight by 10% it was estimated would yield 150,000 tonnes less waste.

Glass Technology Services, British Glass and the Faraday Packaging Partnership undertook the WRAP-funded project supported by major retailers, brand owners and all of the UK container glass manufacturers. The project brought together market research from companies, independently perception research by the Institute of Psychology (Leeds University) together with technical evaluation undertaken at the Glass Technology Services test laboratories.

The project's primary target, which was achieved, was to deliver weight savings of 7,400 tonnes during the project duration. Containers trailled were chosen to represent a broad spectrum of product type and shape. The secondary target was an additional 30,000 tonnes savings per annum within 12 months of the project's completion which was also achieved.

The project brought together the whole supply chainwith the attendant overcoming of difficulties experienced in the process with technology providers, manufacturers, packerfillers, brand owners and retailers all working together. This has now formed a strong union to drive the process further and extend significant new lightweighting across the whole of UK manufacture.


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