Glass Technology Services, in a WRAP-funded extension to the Container Lite project, worked with the Co-Op to look at lightweighting opportunities for a range of their own-label glass products across two main product areas:

  • Whiskey
  • Food containers.

The work was completed in partnership with British Glass and Faraday Packaging Partnership, support by the Co-op and UK container glass manufacturers.

The aim of the project was to:

  • investigate the potential for bottling Co-op branded 70cl whiskey bottles in the lightest bottles manufactured in the UK;
  • carry out preliminary research into methods of lightweighting a range of food containers plus looking at rationalisation and consolidation of variations to create a new 'best in class' container for weight and performance.

Container designs were subjected to consumer perception testing and filling line acceptance to determine market suitibility prior to any changes being made during manufacture, rounded off with an audit process.

Consumer research showed some complexity as acceptability was found to be infulenced by factors such as household size, product type and purpose of purchase to find a target container.

Switching to lighter bottles for the Co-op brand of whiskey is expected to save 46 tonnes of glass waste.

Further results will be published as part of future glass lightweighting work under GlassRite Food.


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