The aim of this project, undertaken on behalf of WRAP, was to undertake trials in order to understand the practical, technical and economic viability of collecting, sorting, processing and the re-processing of window waste.

Glass skips of window waste were provided and collected by Viridor Glass Recycling at all trial sites with all glass collected transported to its Peterboroughsite to provide an audit trail.

Samples of glass collected from all trial sites were sent to Glass Technology Services for separation and XRF analysis to determine the quality and specification of flat glass waste recovered.  This was to assess their suitability for end market application in fibre glass insulation. 

At the end of the trials, all glass was sent back to Viridor Glass Recycling's main site for batch testing and reprocessing. The reprocessed post-consumer flat glass waste was then delivered to a fibreglass insulation manufacturer, British Gypsum Isover, and incorporated into its manufacturing process.


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