This calculator can be used to determine appropriate conditions for an accelerated ageing protocol based on your intended real-time storage conditions.

Accelerated ageing techniques are based on the theory that chemical reactions which involve the deterioration of materials are related to the Arrhenius reaction rate. It is this equation that we used to develop accelerated test protocols to mimic real-time storage.

ASTM F1980 uses the Arrhenius equation to provide information on developing accelerated test protocols. We follow guidance from this standard when developing these protocols and this calculator and accompanying information has been constructed using guidance in the standard.


Input the temperature of the accelerated test (TAA)
Input the temperature the drug will be stored at in real life (TRT)
Input the constant (Q10)
Accelerated Ageing Factor (AAF) = 9.19
How long the drug is intended to be stored in days (Desired RT)
Accelerated Ageing Time (AAT) =
  • X days
  • X weeks
  • X months

(Based on 31-day month)

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