This document summarises the key takeaways from our three-part webinar series – Pharma glass recalls: Causes and preventative measures. 

Each webinar focused on a different cause of pharmaceutical glass packaging recalls. Here is a run-down of the content in this key takeaways resource:

Webinar 1: Drug product and glass interaction
Presented by Amy Ashton, chemistry laboratory manager

The section examines pharmaceutical recalls related to drug and packaging interaction and the chemistry between them. We identify the sources and causes, what we can do when recalls occur, and how we can prevent them from happening again.

Webinar 2: Cracking and breakages 
Presented by Nick Kirk, technical director

This section focuses on causes and preventative measures related to cracking and breakages. Recalls associated with the container itself make up around 10% of the total, which might sound small, but is in fact a significant number. From looking at the data, we also believe that this is potentially under-reported, and the figures could be much higher.

Webinar 3: Dimensional non-conformance
Presented by Daniel Capon, technical manager 

This final section of the resource examines the importance of the dimensional tolerances of glass, and what can go wrong if they are not met. All glass recall types could result from non-dimensional conformity i.e. breakages, leaking, particulate.

Missed the webinars but want to catch up? Watch the webinar replays.

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