Glass manufacturing

We help glass manufacturers investigate and resolve issues that cause production variances – ensuring your operations run efficiently and financial losses are minimised. Our team offers comprehensive glass analysis, assessment and testing services for a wide range of glass industries and sectors.

Biomedical & pharmaceutical

We help biomedical and pharmaceutical companies confirm product quality and troubleshoot issues associated with glass manufacturing. Our experts have also developed high-quality specialist glasses that can repair the human body, which have the potential to revolutionise many healthcare treatments.

Food & drink

We help food and drink brands design high-quality glass packaging, glass bottles, and glass jars. Our services ensure food packaging and containers meet industry standards, and identify the causes of glass failure – minimising production hold-ups, financial losses and reputational damage.

Universities & education

We help academics and researchers solve technical challenges and develop innovative applications using glass – enabling you to publish findings and demonstrate glass research excellence.

Retail & homeware

We help retail and homeware companies ensure their glass meets quality standards. We also resolve breakage issues, allowing products to go back on the shelves, limiting costs and reputational damage.

Architecture & glazing

We provide expert analysis and advice to people in the architecture and glazing sector in support of flat glass failure issues and disputes.

Energy & Environment

We can help you efficiently produce energy at a low cost while saving money, minimising environmental impact, and maximising productivity.


We are the only commercial photonic glass manufacturer in Europe. Using our specialist glass expertise, we help businesses in the photonics sector bring new photonic technologies to market. Together, we develop bespoke materials, quickly taking them from concept through to commercialisation.

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