Glass manufacturing service

From raw materials to finished product, our experts in glass provide analysis, testing, verification, troubleshooting and technical support to glass manufacturers on a global basis.

We have an established history and reputation for providing support throughout glass manufacturing sectors - originally launched by the sector as the British Glass Industry Research Association (BGIRA) within the University of Sheffield. Since that time our name has changed several times, but our primary goal of providing solutions, services and to further research and development of the material glass remains as important as ever.

From the verification of raw materials and feedstock, development of new glass compositions, analysis of glass composition and defects, the investigation of forming issues, coatings development and assessment to the validation of product standards, regulatory requirements and performance testing of products, we hold the specialist knowledge in glass, equipment and capabilities to assist with a whole range of manufacturing and processing issues.

Many of our leading technical experts came from within the glass manufacturing sector and as such have extensive knowledge of the various processes involved - from batch preparation, melting and homogenisation, through forming, processing and quality assurance, end-use and fitness-for-purpose assessments through to failure and foreign body analyses in the downstream supply-chain.

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