Retail glass analysis

Our team provide a range of solutions for the full range of glassware used across the retail sector by applying their specialist knowledge in glass, legislation, product specifications and the properties of glass.

Testing can be developed to meet specific requirements, regional standards or even conducted to clients own in-house test methods (IHTMs).

Our involvement across the retail sector.

Our specialist knowledge in glass, equipment and capabilities allow us to provide a comprehensive range of services to help ensure that the quality and performance credentials of glass packaging, homewares and tableware, furniture, fixtures and fittings – as well as retail facilities themselves - and also ensure that these products meet all applicable regulatory and regional standards.

Working with designers at the pre-prototype stage, our experts help ensure that the performance of a product and the requirements laid down by regulations and standards are met while still allowing true innovation in the creation of the aspirational and unique designs that brands rightly demand in order to make their product stand out from the crowd and get noticed by the target consumer – or to serve novel or special applications.

In the rare situation that a glass product does fail in the marketplace, or a foreign body is a thought to be found within a product, then we also provide suitable analytical and investigative services - available on urgent turnaround - to enable our clients to make informed decisions as to the validity of such complaints and the suitable action to be taken should an issue be confirmed. Expert witness support is also available should a scenario escalate to civil or legal action.

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