Composition development

Glass is a truely unique material with a vast range of properties and possibilities. Our specialist knowledge in glass composition and the resulting optical, thermal and physical properties allow the development of specialist glasses for novel applications, product development or to improve existing products or processes.

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We work with a diverse range of sectors, suppliers, manufacturers, processors as well as product designers, brands and retailers to create and refine glass compositions to serve a wide range of requirements - from the substitution of specific raw materials and processing agents to improving the strength, weight, colour, clarity or transmission characteristics of a glass.

An established reputation and expert knowledge means that we are asked to design properties to suit a range of specific requirements and as a result are a key partner resource for industries concerned with defence, opto-electronics, waste management, nuclear materials, medical materials, optics and filters.

In addition to new-technology and specialist applications we are a valued partner for glass manufacturers - aiding composition development, developing new colours to add value and assessing existing or new raw materials in an environment that does not have risk major production consequences.

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