Electrical properties

The electrical properties of glasses and related materials are of great importance, especially in electric-melting, with electric-booster systems or in elevated temperature applications.

Electrical melting of glass utilises the bulk resistivity of the glass, hence it is essential to know what this is and how it varies at elevated temperatures. Different types of glass can have very different resistivities so it is also necessary to take this into account. Changes in composition, particularly in alkali type and content, can strongly influence electrical properties.

As with all of our services, our unique experience and specialist knowledge in glass enables full interpretation of the data gathered to help our clients modify glass composition - or understand the melting requirements for a desired composition.

this service is offered on both a predictive and measured basis:

  • Predicted resistivity measurements offer a quick, inexpensive solution based on literature values for appropriate glasses in our database.
  • Accurate measurement of high-temperature resistivity of glass is also provided through direct properties measurement.

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