Expert witness

We provide a range of specialist support to companies, insurers, loss adjusters, trading standards, police authorities and law firms who require expert advice on the use of glass, product standards and failures. 

An independent glass laboratory and consultancy - accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 17025 quality standards and unrivalled in the UK for their glass expertise - we provide a range of services conducted by a dedicated team of scientists encompassing glass manufacture, processing, material sciences, chemistry, physics and engineering disciplines and together hold over 380 years collective glass experience.

Our technical glass consultants can provide independent advice, expert witness statements and court testimony to cover the specialist competencies required where a glass product comes under question. Experienced in dealing with a range of disputes and Bond Solon trained in expert witness report writing, court representation and cross examination, they can support your organisation throughout the process should a product or installation come under question - or escalate to legal action.

Legal Support Services

  • Expert witness reports;
  • Oral court representation and cross- examination of expert witness findings;
  • Inspection and testing;
  • Review and comment on reports and evidence;
  • Research and literature studies;
  • Advice and consultation;
  • Criminal and civil cases.

Technical Support Services

  • Failure and fracture analysis;
  • Fragment and foreign body analysis;
  • Product conformity assessment;
  • Fitness-for-purpose assessment;
  • Quality assessment;
  • Chemical durability and food-contact assessment;
  • Manufacturing defects;
  • Damage investigation;
  • Glass production assessments;
  • Review of assembly and installation of architectural glass and glazing;
  • Environmental assessment and the impact of the environment on the glass product.

    Typical Scenarios

    • Product failures in use – investigation of suitability, misuse, product quality and conformance;
    • Failure of architectural glass or glazing;
    • Disputes between supplier/installer and consumer;
    • Investigation of glass surface damage from contaminants, products or pollutants;
    • Packaging and closure defect claims;
    • Personal injury claims;
    • Manufacturer disputes;
    • Counterfeit product examination.

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