We use finite element analysis (FEA) modelling to provide insights into a vast range of processes and scenarios.

We combine our FEA software capability with expertise in glass materials and glass manufacture to model heat transfer and stress generating processes, ranging from furnaces to laser processing. Our finite element analysis modelling provides vital information that allows you to minimise costs and reduce the probability of failures.

Thermal distribution and heat transfer

We use FEA modelling to study the flow of heat through a system, considering

  • heat flow conditions – such as conduction and viscous convection
  • heat flux conditions  – such as optically induced heating and direct heating
  • heat loss conditions  – such as convection and radiation

Modelling changes on materials in a system, such as phase changes or thermal expansion.

Mechanical forces in linear elastic solids

We use FEA modelling to study

  • the generation, magnitude and distribution of factors such as stress, elasticity and displacement in various scenarios where objects are put under load
  • how these are generated by external or material-derived forces

We can also combine modelling in the above two areas to study effects such as thermal stress generation, or changes in the fictive temperature of glass materials during processing.

How we have used FEA modelling

We have used FEA modelling to

  • validate mechanical testing methods, such as ‘ring on ring’ flat glass tests or impact tests for container glass items
  • study heat transfer, heating and cooling rates in specialist furnaces
  • study stress generated through laser cutting and laser welding processes

Finite element analysis modelling leadership and expertise

As unrivalled experts in glass materials, glass manufacturing processes and technical glass applications, we can provide unique insights into your modelling challenges.

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Dr Owen McGann

Dr Owen McGann

Principal Technologist
Owen McGann has over ten years of experience in glass materials. He has led and participated in world leading research with a specific focus in photonic materials and waste thermal treatment. Read More

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