Glass beads and road-marking materials

Testing of glass beads for road marking materials, including drop-on and pre-mix glass beads, to the whole range of properties specificed under British Standards BS EN 1423 and BS EN 1424. Testing includes quality requirements, resistance and granulometry testing.

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This suite of testing includes:

  • Resistance tests;
  • Determination of presence of moisture proof coating;
  • Determination of presence of dangerous substances;
  • Granulometry/sieve analysis;
  • Refractive index;
  • pH test;
  • Defective bead count.

Standards include:

  • BS EN 1423:2012, 'Road marking materials. Drop on materials. Glass beads, antiskid aggregates and mixtures of the two';
  • BS EN 1424:1998, 'Road marking materials. Premix glass beads'.

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