Glass webinar replays

The following webinars - presented by our team of experts - are available to watch on replay. The sessions will enable you to learn more about glass as a material, how it is made, its uses and how it behaves. See the list of our upcoming live webinars.

The glass manufacturing process

Melting and R&D Lead Martyn Marshall gives an introduction to glass as a material and looks at its manufacture from start to finish. Martyn has over thirty years’ experience working in the field of glass design and development. Martyn’s expert knowledge of glass composition and morphology is utilised by the manufacturing, prestige packaging and bio-pharmaceuticals sectors to deliver innovative solutions.

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Glass for the pharmaceutical industry

Chemistry Manager Amy Meysner looks at glass as a primary pharmaceutical packaging material including evaluating quality and meeting your requirements. Amy manages the chemistry department at Glass Technology Services and is a leading expert in chemical durability and elemental migration.

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An overview of glass failure

Our Technical Manager Daniel Capon gives an overview of glass strength, damage, and an analytical approach to glass failure investigation. Daniel is a leading specialist in XRF, UV/VIS and SEM analysis, including bespoke method and programme development.

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Glass and the environment

With a push for sustainable practices and closed loop recycling in the packaging industry now more than ever, glass is the perfect packaging material for a sustainable future. Our Technical Director, Dr Nick Kirk takes you through the recyclability, sustainability credentials and environmental benefits of glass.

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Raw materials for glass batches

Melting and R&D Lead Martyn Marshall discusses the what, the why, and how of glass batch ingredients, simple batch calculations, the basis of glass refining and the influence of redox on colours. The webinar finishes with a look to the future options for both batch materials.

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Glass defects — sources and solutions

Technical Manager, Daniel Capon returns to discuss the different types of glass defects, how to identify each one, and what glass manufacturers can do to prevent issues from happening again in future production runs.

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Glass surface durability and delamination

Our Chemistry Manager, Amy Meysner looks at how and why we evaluate inner surface durability and delamination to save money and gain long term confidence in packaging choices.

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How glass failure investigation can help solve quality issues

Technical Manager Daniel Capon and Senior Technologist, Oliver Wallwork joined forces to discuss how their work across departments at Glass Technology Services identifies, diagnoses, and solves common glass container issues. Helping customers collaborate across the supply chain to investigate glass failure and determine why products are not meeting quality standards to minimise financial losses and reputation damage.

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Effective glass bottle design

In our first partnership webinar our Technical Director, Dr Nick Kirk is joined by Adam Bere CTO of Rockfield to discuss how proactive glass bottle design can reduce the risk of technical problems later down the line. They go through the steps brand owners and glass manufacturers can take to reduce risk in the design process. Covering what to look for in a design review, FEA (Finite Element Analysis) modelling, and the types of pilot trials and testing that will help give our customers increased confidence in their products once they reach the market.

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