Glass webinars

Our team of experts share their glass knowledge in a series of interactive webinars.

A collection of glass packaging topics delivered by the experts at Glass Technology Services. These sessions will give attendees the opportunity to learn more about glass as a material, how it is made, its uses and how it behaves. Starting in May the initial series of three online presentations will cover the glass manufacturing process, glass for the pharmaceutical industry and glass failures and will include questions and answer sessions with our team.

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The glass manufacturing process

28 October 08.00-09.00 GMT

Melting and R&D Lead Martyn Marshall gives an introduction to glass as a material and looks at its manufacture from start to finish. Martyn has over thirty years’ experience working in the field of glass design and development. Martyn’s expert knowledge of glass composition and morphology is utilised by the manufacturing, prestige packaging and bio-pharmaceuticals sectors to deliver innovative solutions.

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Webinars replays:

Raw materials for glass batches

Glass and the environment

An overview of glass failure

Glass for the pharmaceutical industry

The glass manufacturing process

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