Using our characterisation tools and glass materials expertise, we can determine a wide range of properties relevant to your materials – ensuring your product specifications are met and your materials are fit for purpose. 

Our tests include

  • x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, electron dispersive x-ray spectroscopy and ICP-optical emission spectroscopy to characterise the composition of your materials
  • scanning electron microscopy to characterise material microstructure
  • UV-Vis and FT-IR spectroscopy to investigate the optical absorption of your materials, and to provide insight into the oxidation state, structure and bonding in glass materials
  • dilatometry to characterise the thermal expansion and glass transition (where applicable) in your materials
  • specialist optical techniques for characterising properties including the refractive index and the thermal coefficient of the refractive index

We also work with partner organisations if tests outside of our offer are required.

Materials characterisation leadership and expertise

As an ISO-accredited test house, we can offer many of these measurements as an accredited service. 

We conduct research and development within glass materials, optics, photonics, biomaterials and energy applications, and we use this expertise to provide insights into our work.

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Dr Marlin Magallanes

Dr Marlin Magallanes

Specialist Glass Lead
Marlin has been working in the field of glass since 2006. As a Specialist Glass Lead she oversees our bio-medical projects, as well as managing links with academic partners. Read More

Areas of expertise:

Glass and glass-ceramic materials for biomedical applications Glass manufacturing process Glass characterisation
Chris Holcroft

Chris Holcroft

Energy & Environment Lead
Chris joined Glass Technology Services in 2005 and has expertise in environmental process improvement, resource efficiency, recycling and circular economy. He is also involved with the development, manufacture, and practical applications of novel glass products. Read More

Areas of expertise:

Dr Owen McGann

Dr Owen McGann

Principal Technologist
Owen McGann has over ten years of experience in glass materials. He has led and participated in world leading research with a specific focus in photonic materials and waste thermal treatment. Read More

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