On-site technical assessments

Our technical experts offer a comprehensive range of on-site technical assessments to support architects, estate managers, installers and others involved in the specification, maintenance, installation and design of architectural glass elements, furniture, fascias and glazing with correct specifications, failure, distortion, defects, suitability, quality assessment and other considerations of proposed designs or existing installations.

These services can be provided for both glass in buildings and vehicles, including road, train, heavy plant and aerospace.

Services include:

  • Failure analysis;
  • Identification of defects such as inclusions (nickel sulphide), bubbles, scratches etc;
  • Optical distortion assessments;
  • Colour measurements;
  • Determination of glass specifications in accordance with standards and specifications;
  • Stress measurements;
  • Determination of coatings;
  • Quality and suitability of the installation;
  • Safety assessment of glazing installations.

Expert Witness and Legal Disputes

Where a situation has the potential to escalate to legal proceedings, is part of a forensic investigation, or requires chain-of-custody control, our experts have Bond Solon training and have the expertise to remove and take control of samples from site. Please also see our expert witness services for further information.

Failure Analysis

Failure analysis can be carried out on site as well as at our dedicated laboratories. Our expertise in glass failure analysis, combined with modern analytical equipment, including scanning electron microscopy with energy dispersive spectrometry, means that we regularly carry out failure analysis on all types of glass, including identification of the failure origin and cause of failure. For further information please see our failure analysis service page.

Visual Assessment and Performance Testing

Our laboratories provide a whole range of visual and quality assessments, including the verification of a range of international and domestic glass standards, assessment of stress, colour and distortion as well physical and mechanical testing of glasses to ensure that all required levels are achieved by glass products - whether they be construction products, such as architectural glass elements and glazing, furniture, such as tables, worktops, fixtures and fittings, or glasswares such as bottles, jars, and glasses. See our quality and standards and physical and mechanical testing pages for a full list of our available services.

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