Pharmaceutical services

Glass Technology Services is a leading provider of analysis, mechanical and performance testing, quality assessment, failure analysis and a range of consultancy services throughout the pharmaceutical supply chain.

The laboratories provide a range of specialist analytical, quality assessment, mechanical testing and technical consultancy services for companies operating throughout the pharmaceutical industry. Key services include the provision of pharmacopoeial verification, delimitation studies, the analysis of contamination, defects and lamellae, failure analysis, foreign body analysis and a range of consultancy support.

Glass Technology Services is active across the pharmaceutical and biomedical sectors - providing routine analytical and physical testing, troubleshooting, consultancy support and research and development.

Research and development includes specialist glasses, such as bio-active and bio-soluble glasses, processing and new technologies such as additive manufacture and include application including implants, grafts, orthopaedics and more. Please see our research and development support and case-study areas for further information about past and present projects.

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