Pilot trials and melting

The identification and use of new materials for production is an important part of any process industry. In the field of glass making often the introduction of new batch materials requires the confirmation of a series of small scale melting trials.

This represents the first stage of any new product, giving the glassmaker the confidence to introduce the alternative raw materials into the production environment.

We can provide comparative melting trials to establish differences between two (or more) compositions or refining systems. This involves melting identical volumes of each batch on the furnace for the same time and temperature regime.

The normal trial we would offer is based on melting four glasses. The melts would all be made to produce 250g of glass. The test studies the melting and refining of each formulation for four different times. This would be 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes, at a temperature comparable with the customers melting temperature, e.g. 1450ºC.

One of each glass batch would be removed at the end of each period, samples cast for inspection and annealed. This will give a comparison between the refining agents and allow us to examine the samples for a seed free and batch free time in both cases.

The benefit of trialling new materials and glass compositions include:

  • Customer confidence in new raw material sources;
  • Economic use of raw materials;
  • Increased recycling of waste products;
  • Improved melting and refining performance;
  • Identification of possible contamination.

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