We offer a unique perspective of glass as a material within the context of recycling, sustainability and the circular economy.

Our experts provide advice about environmental and sustainability issues, and undertake large consultancy projects involving multiple partners, such as universities, funding agencies and companies. The work we undertake in this area includes audits of new and existing processes, reviews of the availability and demand of materials, and studies of process and energy efficiencies.

If collected and processed in the right way, glass is an infinitely recyclable material. We have provided technical support since UK organisations started collecting and recycling in the 1970s. Our experts have worked on numerous national and international projects, gaining an unparalleled knowledge of collection and processing technologies.

To achieve net zero glass production, we must look beyond increasing recycling rates and explore other routes that lower the environmental impact of the glass supply chain. We have experience in

  • developing alternative raw materials from waste
  • waste minimisation
  • environmental bottle design
  • energy efficient glass manufacture 

Our MCERT-accredited emissions testing team also has a mobile laboratory which can support trials to reduce the environmental impact of glass manufacturing processes.

The previous recycling and sustainability projects we have worked on include

  • the identification and development of substitute raw materials from biomass ash and other waste materials to reduce virgin raw material use, reduce landfill and increase energy efficiency in glass furnaces
  • glass batch reformulation to reduce furnace energy efficiency
  • a review of glass recycling options for a Russian federation
  • waste minimisation reviews and environmental audits for a multinational glass manufacturing group
  • support for waste heat recovery trials
  • recycled glass quality assessments
  • air emission monitoring for trials
  • studies on consumer perception of glass production with improved environmental credentials
  • glass melting trials from 1kg to several tonnes
  • lightweight container design advice and FEA modelling
  • pan-European projects to encourage recycling of construction glass for recycling, and the investigation of industrial symbiosis across the construction supply chain
  • support with the development of the UK glass manufacturing sector decarbonisation roadmap to 2050 by British Glass

Recycled content and sustainability leadership and expertise

Our multidisciplinary team ranges from glass technologists and melting experts through to environmental scientists – all with many years' experience in the glass industry. Their work is supported by comprehensive melting and testing facilities dedicated to glass analysis and research. By working with us you also have access to the wider technical expertise of our team – providing you with a world-leading partner to help you meet your sustainability goals.

View the full leadership team
Dr Nick Kirk

Dr Nick Kirk

Technical Director
Nick is a glass expert with decades of experience in all aspects of sustainability, glass production, and product design across the global glass supply chain. Read More

Areas of expertise:

Glass production Sustainability and recycling Product design
Chris Holcroft

Chris Holcroft

Energy & Environment Lead
Chris joined Glass Technology Services in 2005 and has expertise in environmental process improvement, resource efficiency, recycling and circular economy. He is also involved with the development, manufacture, and practical applications of novel glass products. Read More

Areas of expertise:

Martyn Marshall

Martyn Marshall

Melting and R&D Lead
Martyn has over 30 years’ experience in the design, development and production of silicate and non-silicate glasses for both commercial and scientific use, working globally with glassmakers. Read More
Dr Marlin Magallanes

Dr Marlin Magallanes

Specialist Glass Lead
Marlin has been working in the field of glass since 2006. As a Specialist Glass Lead she oversees our bio-medical projects, as well as managing links with academic partners. Read More

Areas of expertise:

Glass and glass-ceramic materials for biomedical applications Glass manufacturing process Glass characterisation

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