Technical glass consultancy

Our technical experts provide support throughout the glass supply chain - providing clients with market advantage, knowledge and technical input to improve their manufacture, processing, handling, specification or use of glass.

We provide supplier auditing services and technical consultancy to individual companies, consortiums, trade representatives and governments. Support ranges from simple glass specifications, failure analysis or the verification of product standards to whole glazing assembly investigations on large scale builds or feasibility studies for new glass plants or the recycling infrastructure for entire nations.

We have an established reputation for providing consultancy and research projects for a wide range of clients - from the lightweighting of packaging, recycling infastructures and end-of-life for special glasses, such as CRT, to feasibility studies for new installations and the development of new specialist glass compositions for laser systems, biomedical applications and more. 

Please see our portfolio for examples of our research and consultancy projects.

In addition to our technical consultancy services, our specialist knowledge in glass is called upon by those looking to improve processes or products - or develop entirely new and innovative glass formulations, uses or treatments. Please see our innovation, research and development pages for further information.

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