Workplace monitoring

Our team have more than 40 years' experience providing comprehensive in-factory air sampling services. Such sampling is carried out to assess employee's personal exposure to airborne substances compared with current workplace exposure limits.

This service ensures that companies fulfil statutory obligations under COSHH and other chemical regulations.perience in organising and implementing ambient monitoring and can tailor projects to suit individual factory situation and the latest legislation.

Concentrations of harmful airborne substances in the workplace are usually controlled by local exhaust ventilation (LEV) systems. Survey can include assessments of the performance of such systems and can be evaluated by the measurement of velocities and static pressures within the system. All monitoring work is carried out following recognised methods.

The team can provide both static sampling and personal exposure monitoring.

Typical airborne substances monitored include:

  • Dusts – total, inhalable and respirable;
  • Respirable crystalline silica (RCS);
  • Organics – total VOCs, PAHs and oil mist;
  • Metals – tin, lead, and chromium (VI);
  • Acid gases – hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride and sulphur dioxide.

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