Photonic glass

The photonics industry is a diverse and exciting area of development, with glass substrates, fibres and crystal components critical to many of the applications concerned.

Precision, quality, thermal and optical properties of these components are crucial to the performance of photonics applications and we hold both the expertise and capabilities to provide support throughout the photonics supply chain.

Our involvement across the photonics industry.

Whether it be lenses, filters, fibres, or specialist components for lasers, gyroscopes and sensor systems, our experts provide analysis, performance testing, failure analysis, consultancy and advice or work in partnership for larger research or developmental projects. Specialist knowledge in glass allows us to investigate the failure of critical components and to improve existing manufacture, forming and process control.

Our innovation and composition development support has been called upon for many novel developments across the photonics industry – including specialist filters, laser cavities, optical splitters, and to develop new approaches and applications for existing technologies and glass compositions.

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